Maid of Honor

My sister! She's the reason I love dance and she's always there for me. One of my first best friends!

Man of Honor

My brother! One of my first best friends! He's always looking out for me. 

Matron of Honor

Kirby and I have always just clicked! We met in Davidson Hall (RIP) 2nd floor and were neighbors. I always joked that she sounded like she was from Baton Rouge, not Chicago


My sis-in-law. Always so sweet and ready to help with anything. And she's hilarious

Brint is my sister x4! Even as my coach, she was the homie! Skates and steaks!

I met Kel when I first moved to New Orleans. I was young and knew no one. There I was, just listening to my Britney Spears and BSB as my aunt dragged me to work with her. He walks in and says, "You like Britney?" The rest is history. We've been dancing together since!


I met Tam at BMike's birthday party. I specifically remember him saying, "Yall both dance. Yall should be friends." He was so right lol


My little cousin! I was in the room when she was born! Now she's such a lovely young adult. So happy to have her by my side on this special day.


I remember Tianna just sitting and talking to me one day in band when I hurt myself (cause, band). From band to I-Hearts, Tianna has always had my back.

Best Man
Literally my A1 since Day 1 all the way from little league football to now, where I'm about to get married and he just had his first child, we've always been there for each other.
Best Man
hat started off as two corp style band members trying to survive their first high step band camp to a lifelong brotherhood, Demarius is the true definition of a friend and a brother.
Best Woman

My best friend and my biggest headache. 

This is one of the few people who I can truly say knows everything about me. She's more than just a sister, she is my best friend.

Another one of my childhood best friends. We have always been there for each other in the hardest of times and in the best of times. After serving as a groomsman in his wedding, I'm so glad he's decided to return the favor.
What started as two band directors who liked wrestling turned into one of the closest friendships of my life. Not only is he my brother in arms, my fraternity brother, and my podcast cohost (and, no, we will not tell you the link lol), he is one of my best friends that I am so blessed to have in my life.
My S.L.I.D.E.-F.O.R.C.E. daughter, who is literally a female version of me. Although we don't always talk as often now that she's in law school, every time we do speak, it is as if time hasn't passed and I am so proud of all of her accomplishments.

Here is a man who basically should have a key to my house. He is my best friend, my co-worker, and a person that will drop everything for the people he cares for. Just don't be surprised when he says that he is shocked to even be invited. 

Fun Fact: He is one of the only people that calls me Edgar lol.


She was Keah's friend first- Keah
No, she wasn't! She's my friend- Trey


My shoulder! One of my line brothers who can finish every one of my sentences. What started as me always being in his room visiting my big brother to crossing into Sinfonia together, Terrence is another great example of a brother.

And if he says he can sing better than me, he is lying.